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Fire-resistant joinery Joinery door and walls TM 75EI

Description of the system

The system is used for making fire-resistant walls and doors with fire resistance classes EI 15; EI 30; EI 45; EI 60, which are used as external and internal construction partitions. It allows the production of  a wide range of door, wall and combinations designs. It also allows the execution of smoke-tight constructions. The TM 75EI thermal insulation profiles consist of two aluminium parts, internal and external, separated by insulating tapes. The insulating profiles in the profiles are made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips with a width of 32 mm. Profiles are made in two construction variants, differing in the degree of filling of the aluminium profiles chambers with insulating and fire-resistant inserts.

Advantages of the system

  • wide possibilities of use as internal and external partitions,
  • materials classified as smoke-tight in the class Sm, Sa,
  • materials classified as fire retardants (NRO),
  • a large selection of construction solutions from partition walls through single- and double-leafed windows and doors, also in versions with transoms, backlights,
  •  high thermal insulation,
  • a wide range of fillings with a thickness of 8 to 50 mm.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Value
air permeability class a≤1,0 [m3/(m•h•daPa2/3)]
Waterproof class 3A
according to PN-EN 12208
fire classification class EI30, EI60
according to PN-B-02851-1 , PN-EN 13501-2
resistance to wind pressure class C
according to PN-EN 12210
heat transfer coefficient Uf = 2,55-2,6 W/m2K
according to PN-EN ISO 10077-2:2005
sound insulation Rw = 35-40 dB
according to PN –EN ISO 140-3
technical approval ITB AT-15-6830/2011

Technical parameters

Stylistic variants Door Permanent window
the minimum width of the window structure that opens inwards is visible to the outside profile of the door frame 65,7 mm 68,2 mm
door profile 73,7 mm -
the minimum width of the window structure that opens inwards is visible to the inside profile of the door frame 40,7 mm -
door profile 88,7 mm -
structural thickness of the window profile of the door frame 74,8 mm 74,8 mm
door profile 74,8 mm 74,8 mm
height of glazing bead 28 mm 28 mm
the thickness of the glass 8 - 50 mm 8 - 50 mm