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Window-door joinery Sliding systems L 50

Description of the system

A modern system of aluminium profiles, allowing the design and execution of glazed sliding segments for the balconies and loggias (L 50B) and sliding segments for partition walls (L 50S). Glazed partition walls are non-flammable and have been classified as non-fire spreading structures (NROs). The L 50 system consists of one-chamber aluminium profiles without a thermal break. The swing of the leafs takes place on specially adapted trolleys. Due to the applied frame, it is possible to prefabricate the structure on a double or triple rail.

Advantages of the system

  • the system significantly increases the safety and comfort of room users,
  • significantly reduces the penetration of external noise into the room,
  • the possibility of using different types of filling,
  • allows you to give the building its original character,
  • possibility to connect with other Yawal systems.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Value
sound insulation improves window insulation 22dB
according to PN-87/B-02151/03
fire resistance class NRO
technical approvals ITB AT-15-5626/2009
ITB AT-15-5549/2008

Technical parameters

Stylistic variants Standard
visible width / height profile of the door frame 37 mm
door profile 77,4 mm
profile of the door frame 77,4 mm
construction depth door profile 50 mm – two-rail
89,5 mm – three-rail
profile of the door frame 30 mm
height of glazing bead 20 mm
the thickness of the glass 4 - 18 mm