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Winter gardens / sunrooms

We offer our customers winter gardens made of aluminium as a lightweight material, resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain. Thanks to the use of profiles with a thermal break as well as thermal insulation glass, we get the possibility of using it all year round, which can be an ideal form of enlarging the living space. The use of reflective or coloured glasses in combination with anti-burglary glass is an ideal barrier for all unauthorized guests.

An additional element that influences the improvement of the winter garden's functionality are sliding doors that allow large open areas to be obtained.

Profiles are available in a full range of colours from the RAL palette and wood-based varnishes. The applied coatings protect them from environmental influences and give them an aesthetic look. In the case of painting, a palette of 180 colours according to the RAL palette is available. The application of decorative coatings takes place in modern technological lines, corresponding to European quality standards, which guarantees long-term colour immutability.

Regardless of temperature, rain or snow, everybody dreams about sitting comfortably in their favourite armchair and enjoying the light and space throughout the year. It is a luxury that thanks to the winter gardens offered by our company is at your fingertips. It is a luxury that we will perfectly match your and your loved ones needs.