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Facade joinery FA 50SL

Description of the system

The FA 50SL and FA 50NSL systems are designed for constructing modern curtain walls of simple and complex shapes. They are used to make structures forming from the outside a flat surface without visible aluminium profiles. They combine the advantages of the classic mullion-transom facade (assembly speed) with the aesthetic appearance of the structural facade. The technical parameters of the systems have been evaluated in accordance with the requirements of the European Product Standard PN-EN 13830: 2004

Advantages of the system

  • enables the construction of structures of various shapes (returns, refractions, polygonal course),
  • the possibility of bending profiles,
  • constructions made in the FA 50SL system have a high tightness and aesthetic appearance,
  • quick and easy assembly, the possibility of using side by side swing windows opened independently, the ability to connect with other Yawal systems.

Technical characteristics

Parametr FA 50SL FA 50NSL
air permeability class AE 1200
according to PN-EN 12152:2004
class AE 1200
according to PN-EN 12152:2004
waterproof klasa RE 900
wg PN-EN 12154:2004
class RE 1200
according to PN-EN 12154:2004
heat transfer coefficient

class RE 1200

according to PN-EN 12154: 2004

Uf = 2.19 - 2.40 W/m2K
according to PN-EN ISO 10077-2:2005
sound insulation Rw = 35 – 56 dB
according to PN-B-02151-3:1999
Rw = 38 – 53 dB
according to PN-B-02151-3:1999

Technical parameters

Parameters Value
internal visible width 50 mm
external visible width 20 mm gap
glazing mechanical glass mounting on the inner glass
glass thickness 28 - 36 mm
elements of opening hinged windows on the outside