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Window-door joinery Without thermal insulation PBI 40E

Description of the system

The system is used for making undisturbed thermal insulation of partitions and structures for internal and external development, such as: doors, windows, non-load-bearing partition walls, windows, boxes. PBI 40E is intended for use in residential, public and industrial buildings as internal partitions. The doors and walls of the PBI 40E system can also be used as external partitions, only in cases when there are no requirements in the field of thermal insulation and water tightness, and static calculations take into account the impact of wind loads.

Advantages of the system

  • used for economical building interiors with a high aesthetic and functional standard,
  • the possibility of making crescent-shaped constructions,
  • the possibility to make walls at any angles, including 90 and 135°,
  • use of the same fittings and accessories as in the PBI 50N and PI 50N systems, 
  • the possibility to connect with other Yawal systems.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Value
air permeability class 2
according to PN-EN 12217
mechanical durability class 5
according to PN-EN 12400
smoke protection class Sa Sm
according to PN-EN 13501-2
sound insulation Rw = 22-32dB
according to PN –EN ISO 140-3
technical approval ITB AT-15-6924/2007

Technical parameters

Stylistic variants Windows Door
the minimum width of the window structure that opens inwards is visible to the outside profile of the door frame 48,3 mm 64,3 mm
door profile 39,5 mm 64,1 mm
the minimum width of the window structure that opens inwards is visible to the inside profile of the door frame 22,8 mm 44,3 mm
door profile 89,6 mm 84,1 mm
structural thickness of the window profile of the door frame 40 mm 40 mm
door profile 40 mm 40 mm
height of glazing bead 20 mm 20 mm
the thickness of the glass 4 - 24 mm 4 - 24 mm