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Facade joinery FA 50N

Description of the system

The system of applications and projects of light post and lintel curtain walls. The FA 50N system is classified in covering groups on the market in terms of thermal insulation and tightness. Thanks to a wide range of solutions in the free shaping of the facade in terms of geometric and colour. Standard: PN-EN 13830: 2004.

Advantages of the system

  • enables the construction of structures of various shapes and sizes in accordance with the architect's vision,
  • due to the variety of versions, the system meets all applicable standards for water, heat and fire insulation,
  • a wide range of masking strips allows for a variety of visual effects for the curtain wall,
  • the possibility of bending profiles,
  • the system has many varieties with different parameters,
  • possibility to connect with other Yawal systems.

Technical characteristics

Parametrs Value
air permeability class AE 1200
according to PN-EN 12152:2004

class RE 1200

according to PN-EN 12154: 2004

heat transfer coefficient

Uf = 1.2 - 1.3 W / m2K

according to PN-EN ISO 10077-2: 2005

sound insulation Rw = 38 – 53 dB
according to PN-B-02151-3:1999

Technical parameters

Parametrs Value
internal visible width 50 mm
external visible width 50 mm

fixing with pressure strips

and / or masking strips

glass thickness 6 - 50 mm
elements of opening

hinged windows on the outside,

windows opened inwards