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Fire-resistant joinery Joinery walls TM 90EI

Description of the system

The Yawal Fire Block TM 90EI system is used to make fire-resistant walls with fire resistance class EI 120, which are used as external and internal construction partitions. It allows the production of a wide range of wall construction. It also allows for the construction of walls cooperating with the doors of the TM 75EI system.

Thermally insulated system profiles consist of two aluminium parts, internal and external, separated by insulating tapes. The role of insulation in the profiles is fulfilled by tapes made of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass with a width of 46 mm. The chambers of aluminium profiles are filled with insulating and flame retardant inserts.

Advantages of the system

  • wide possibilities of use as internal and external partitions,
  • materials classified as fire retardants (NRO),
  •  a large selection of structural solutions for partition walls that cooperate with the doors of the TM 75EI system,
  • high thermal insulation,
  •  application of fillings up to 78 mm thick,
  •  the possibility of making internal walls without fire resistance in accordance with the Technical Approval,
  • as the only system on the domestic market has been comprehensively tested in ITB.