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Steel doors

Steel and profile doors are made on the basis of the Swiss FORSTER Presto system and intended for installation in public utility buildings, collective housing and industrial buildings. The frame and sash are made of steel profiles, with a wall thickness of 1.5 - 2 mm. The profiles are joined together by welding. The contact points are ground so that the entire structure has an aesthetic, monolithic appearance with no traces of previous connections.

The maximum dimension of the door:

  • 1480 mm x 3070 mm single-leaf doors,
  • 2850 mm x 3070 mm double doors.

Doors equipped with a gasket seal ensure tightness and noise suppression. The provision of bearing steel hinges welded to the frame and sash eliminates dropping of the leaf. As fillings in the door, we use glazing units to be chosen by the client or thermo-insulated panels.

The construction is painted in powder technology thanks to which we obtain a high level of aesthetics of our products in a wide range of colours. Our products are made in accordance with the Technical Approval of COBP "Metalplast" AT-06-0839 / 2005.